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When we choose the path of a healer, we create relationships with our patients and clients that are based on compassion and a mutual commitment to the healing process. Sometimes we will resonate with a patient so deeply, that our empathy crosses the line from loving support to ownership of their problems. We can become emotionally invested in their healing to the point that the mutual partnership that we intended to create becomes a one sided attempt on the healers part to “fix” whatever we believe might be broken. Creating healthy boundaries with patients is important for both the patient and the provider. Patients can become less inclined to be active participants in their healing process, and more dependent on the healer when good boundaries aren’t in place. When a patient attempts to give their power to you by saying “Please fix me,” hand it right back to them. While you are an integral part of their healing process, they are ultimately responsible for making the changes necessary to have a healthy and well balanced life.

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Not only do essential oils smell great, but research shows they can help promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. Studies done in mice, showed that mice who were over excited from stimulants could be calmed by exposure to the aromas of sandalwood and lavender. What’s even more interesting, is that the essential oils of these plants were detected in their blood stream about an hour after exposure. Researchers also found that the same mice BECAME anxious when they inhaled the scent of orange terpenes. They concluded that certain scents can have a huge impact on anxiety. It makes you wonder why we have such little conversation about the scents we surround ourself with!

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With overwhelmingly full hearts, may we run with boundless joy towards the glittering light, never looking back at the shadows we leave behind. For what lies ahead, is full of bright hope, and endless promise. As we cast off our garments of our yesterdays, may we fold them gently, and remember that the journey we’ve traveled is a part of us, as the adventure that lies ahead. Yet, we need not be defined by what has happened, nor what is to happen. May we learn to forgive ourselves and those around us, and find our identity in love, hopefulness, and truth.

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Let’s face it. Change is hard and sometimes it can cause us pain. Sometimes we suffer. In these moments, we can feel frustrated and angry because of what we are experiencing. It’s hard to see the Divine in the situation because we are so focused on surviving it. We try to fight our way out of it, instead of going with the flow. When hard times happen, it’s important to take a step back and look at what is actually going on. Are you creating the situation because you haven’t been happy with the way things are and you really need things to change? Have you ignored your desires and passions for so long that your higher self finally says “Enough!”? Take a few minutes to breathe and look at the situation from an observers’ standpoint. Show yourself some compassion and love. If a loved one were in your shoes, what advice would you give them? Hard times are a call from your higher self to wake up. Give it some cooperation by acknowledging that the Divine aspect of you needs some attention. The challenge that you face is a message of love from the Universe that it supports you when you most need it.

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