When we choose the path of a healer, we create relationships with our patients and clients that are based on compassion and a mutual commitment to the healing process. Sometimes we will resonate with a patient so deeply, that our empathy crosses the line from loving support to ownership of their problems. We can become emotionally invested in their healing to the point that the mutual partnership that we intended to create becomes a one sided attempt on the healers part to “fix” whatever we believe might be broken.

Creating healthy boundaries with patients is important for both the patient and the provider. Patients can become less inclined to be active participants in their healing process, and more dependent on the healer when good boundaries aren’t in place. When a patient attempts to give their power to you by saying “Please fix me,” hand it right back to them. While you are an integral part of their healing process, they are ultimately responsible for making the changes necessary to have a healthy and well balanced life. Read Facebook Status