Welcome March!

As I am writing this March newsletter, it is a sunny, cold, windy February day here in Massachusetts.

I am filled with so many musings about the wonderful month of March, and the change of season.

I’ll cop to it now: March may be my favorite month of the year, because it is my birth month, and the vernal equinox, awakening us out of our winter slumber and into spring.

In New England, we continue to enjoy meals of cooked richer foods such as delicious soups, roasted winter vegetables, animal foods, dried beans, grains, smoked fish, home made breads, cheeses, home preserved and fermented foods.  Warming spices of the season, such as garlic, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and all the peppers – black, white, cayenne, – assist our body in digesting these foods and keeping our body healthy in many ways.  Common herbs and spices have countless healing properties.

Which winter foods, herbs and spices do you enjoy ?

An excellent way to enjoy and get the most out of each month and season is to stay in tune with where our life nourishment comes from.  Our farmers, homesteaders, chefs, exercise experts, holistic practitioners and spiritual teachers, offer some great information as to what they are up to for the various months and evolving seasons of each year.  I’ll be interviewing these people each month to share their insights and great tips for those interested in feeling fantastic through a simple healthful lifestyle.

Are you exasperated and experiencing the ‘I’ve had enough of winter, cold and snow’?  Here’s something fun: put on your play clothes and think like a kid for a while.  Go outside and be in the sunshine.  The winter sunshine can provide our bodies with some necessary vitamin D.  Play in the snow.  Outdoor workouts and playtime keeps our moods elevated, strengthen our immune systems and gives us an overall boost in energy and fitness.

Do you have a favorite winter workout or playtime routine?

If the cold is too much, try an indoor rejuvenating and strengthening program like yoga.  Best idea:  incorporate both types of activities and vary your routine.

What are you up to in March?

Be Balanced,